Your Solution for Maximum Security          
2009 Fifth Summit of the Americas, Trinidad 


The Challenge

Trinidad would have the eyes of the world upon them during this high-profile event, The Fifth Summit of the Americas, where history would be made as newly elected U.S. President Barack Obama would meet heads of state for the very first time from North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, plus additional VIPs and 4,000 visitors in attendance. The event was a big security concern and security was the priority—it had to be uncompromising and executed to perfection. Failure, or even perception of risk, was not an option. Adding to the challenge, this project required a fully operational and trialed turnkey system to be delivered in a compressed time frame.  


The MER Solution

Mer's Physical Security Information Management software (PSIM) created single-point access to the 400 state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and the several Command and Control Centers Mer surveyed, designed, installed and maintained. The project included monitoring of 94 5-8 Mega pixel cameras, to provide high-resolution coverage of areas with a high security risk. The camera system made extensive use of analytical capabilities such as facial recognition, number plate and pattern recognition, to enable rapid detection of potential or emerging threats. The project installation had to be accomplished in a very short time. The entire system was brought online in that short amount of time, with all training requirements fulfilled, to enable the required level of operation and cooperation with all the national and visiting security services involved.

The Result

The fast deployment, the adequate design, the staff training, and overall effective operation of the surveillance system were key factors in achieving the security objectives. Due to Mer's unmatched expertise, the project was executed within the timeframe and the allocated budget. The security for this event was deemed a great success.