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Railways Case Study

The High-Risk Client

A national Railways Corporation, the largest transportation infrastructure company in that country, who needs to secure thousands of passengers daily.


The Challenge

Recognizing the need to reduce its dependency on security guards while ensuring passengers' safety, the Railways Corporation sought a comprehensive security solution. The primary challenge for the Railways Corporation was finding a security solution for highly sensitive sites such as bridges and tunnels. The priority was preventing unauthorized persons from entering sensitive areas undetected. In case of a security breach, the security personnel needed a tool that could provide valuable information to enable a proper response based on the established security procedures. In addition to the strict and highly demanding requirements of this project, the managing system had to be capable of interfacing and controlling thousands of end devices such as PTZ cameras, VMD cameras, Sensors, PA Systems, and more.


The MER Solution

Mer platform Secure-M offered the Railways Corporation a comprehensive software-based solution to control, monitor and manage more than 1,000 different security devices, thereby reducing the need for manpower, and allowing for a higher level of security surveillance around railways, bridges, and tunnels, while providing a unified management of security incidents.
Secure-M presented an end-to-end security solution tailored to the Railway Corporationís needs, and following its policies, procedures, and disciplines. Each tunnel and bridge is secured with fixed, PTZ, and thermal cameras monitored by Secure-M, and each security alert is managed and logged in Secure-M Physical Security Information Management platform. Whenever intruders are trying to enter a secured site, they are captured by two different technologies, thus shortening the time to respond.

Secure-M efficiently administers event management, maintaining a log of events and a powerful CCTV module. Secure-M also supplies an up-to-date, ongoing view of the security map. Each routine deviation is captured, analyzed and handled according to predefined rules, scenario and scripts.


The Result

Dozens of sites are now secured 24/7, using Mer's cost effective, unique solution. The system responds to events in real time, supplying full data for every event, thereby dramatically reducing the time required for event handling. Each incident category is accompanied with an adequate procedure, ensuring an optimal, consistent response across the procedures without missing critical steps.