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About Mer

Mer is a trusted authority in the security and surveillance market with many years of experience. Mer offers proactive security and surveillance products and solutions to diverse, challenging industries, including:


  • Transportation Security (Air, Sea, Railway)  
  • International Sporting & Cultural Events   
  • College and University Campuses
  • Public Safety Surveillance (Safe City)   
  • Command and Control Centers for Military & Police
  • Securing Critical Strategic Facilities
  • Land Border Control and Perimeter Security Monitoring
  • High-Risk Events
  • Stadium, Arenas, and Venues
  • Hospitals & Correctional Institutes
  • And More


Mer offers the following solutions:

  • The Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform, which provides a unified, integrated security solution.
    Secure-M, our cutting edge software platform, which is a robust Physical Security Information System integrating your disparate technologies onto just one unified platform with simple, single access. Secure-M features include but are not limited to video cameras (CCTV), access control systems, security fences, RFID solutions, motion detectors, license plate readers (LPR), intrusion detection systems, fire alarms, 3-D modeling, asset management, tracking management and much more.
  • The mACS Interoperability Gateway Family, which offers efficient technology adapted for Land Mobile Radio (RoIP). The mACS creates a private wireless network of radios, cell phones, land lines, or other communication devices, putting them at the command of a single Radio Gateway.


Mer North American offices are based in New Jersey, where we serve governments and organizations worldwide in a variety of industries. We are especially proud of our high customer satisfaction record, which is based on the trust we have earned through our uncompromising excellence in our products and services.


 Mer Security...Keeping people safe.